Retail Therapy – Shop ‘Till You Drop In Austin, TX!

Below you’ll get a list of unique and enjoyable shopping places in Austin, TX that appeal both to locals looking to purchase something special and visitors seeking to pick up some souvenirs.  If you can’t get your retail therapy at one of these places I don’t know what will.  I am starting with the larger shopping areas all of the way down to unique individual “hidden” stores.… Continue Reading

Recognize Signs of Stress For Moms And Children

We all have stress in our lives. When people are experiencing stress, the brain releases a stress hormone known as cortisol. With time and under chronic stress, portions of the brain linked to learning or memory are negatively influenced by cortisol. Interestingly, many of these brain regions are the same parts affected by drug use and dependence.

How Do Students Manage Stress?

Stress can be a motivator, though it can also create negative feelings and, sadly, raise the chance that a teen will use medication.

When it is about your teens, you know that school (such as homework, SATs, tests, college applications) along with social media and extra-curricular activities is one of the largest sources of stress — and you need to be sure it does not lead them to unhealthy habits to help cope.

Your child’s brain is still growing until age 25, … Continue Reading

All About Holiday Stress and How to Deal with It

For millions of people in America, December is probably the best month of the year. It signals the beginning of the holiday season – Christmas – and the start of another year. A Pew Research Center survey conducted in 2013 revealed that up to 92% of Americans celebrate Christmas.

Even more impressive is that this includes atheists as well as Buddhists, Hindus, and even Jews. Additionally, Americans are a busy group of people during Christmas. During this time, everyday activities include; family activities/events, gift-giving, getaways, and shopping, among others. It is no wonder then that many people associate the holiday season with fun, comfort, and merry.Continue Reading

Good Mental Health Is Part of Living Healthy

Physical health has always been looked at as the most important part to maintain in a human being. This is far from the truth. As much as one’s physical health is important, emotional health or the mental health of a person is equally important. The two should go hand in hand.

When one is busy taking care of their physical health, they should also ensure that they try their very best in keeping their mental health fit.

Just as there are a number of tips one can do in order to keep their physical health in check, there are a couple of mental health tips that one can follow in order to keep their mental health in check too.… Continue Reading

Coronavirus Home Quarantine Supplies Checklist

As the virus grows so does the number of people put under Home Quarantine due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many US citizens left China’s Hubei state, where the disease originated and experienced compulsory 14-day quarantines on army bases across the USA. The passengers on Diamond Princess ship, where a minimum of 285 people tested positive for the virus, were in the center for a two-week quarantine.

Hundreds of others who have lately traveled to China are under a 14-day self-quarantine at home to determine if they develop signs of having contracted the Covid-19 virus.… Continue Reading

Holiday Shopping At Two Special Locations In Austin

1. The Blue Genie Art Bazaar

The Blue Genie Art Bazaar has thousands of works varying from serious artwork to fun, kitschy pieces. Shopping in the Bazaar is an excellent way to purchase holiday presents in a hassle-free environment, all while supporting local artists.

All items in the bazaar are handmade by regional and local artists that are chosen through a rigorous jury procedure. The Bazaar features the work of over 200 artists offering a vast array of imaginative and beautiful gifts. You can expect to find prints, photography, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, clothes, accessories, glassworks, ceramics, and presents you cannot find anywhere else.

Whether your budget is small or big, you’ll find something for yourself, for your friend, or relative.

Planning To Attend The Blue Genie Art Bazaar

The bazaar returns annually for all of Austin to see from November 22nd until December 24th, 2019Continue Reading

No Drugs Using Religion To Deal With Bipolar Disorder

I know that this is going to be a controversial post for many of you, but it has to be written. Assessing my own beliefs through the different bipolar cycles I undergo, as well as talking to and reading forum posts from other people with the condition, I have come to understand that beliefs or faith can actually be an indication of a manic or depressive cycle.

Confused? Let Me Explain

As many people diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder know, mania and depressive cycles have many symptoms. It appears that with some individuals (not all) changes in religion or belief system may be one of those indicators. If they’re usually a follower of a religion or belief system, then they could become hyper-religious during mania. During the depression, they might believe that their God, the universe, or whatever they worship has turned their back on them.… Continue Reading

Women And Overcoming Anxiety Challenges

Anxiety is a common mental condition that affects any person. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, women are likely to suffer twice from anxiety disorders compared to their male counterparts.

The causes of anxiety are not very clear, but insomnia or lack of sleep is one of them. When you feel anxious, you can hardly concentrate, you feel unease and often experience problems like daytime fatigue. Depression can make life unbearable to many people, and some of them resort to over-the-counter medication.

However, I know that women are strong and they can cope with this condition. If you are a woman and a victim of anxiety, relax since you are not alone in this day-to-day struggle. Women often experience far-reaching stressors that can even make their life worse compared to males.

From my personal experience, I believe that women with anxiety … Continue Reading

How Crazy Is This? Little Kids Using Drugs In School!

The issue of kids using drugs in school is a cause for concern to parents, teachers and the society at large. Some few months ago, two Graham Elementary School kids in Austin TX were caught distributing drugs to fellow students. Both kids are in the fifth grade together with their peers.

Ironically, the kids in elementary school are too young to engage in any form of activities involving drugs.  Fifth-grade pupils are approximately ten years old, and it is disturbing that they are already into drugs. At such a tender age, this kind of behavior paints a bad image about the future of these children.

Somehow, it is crazy for elementary school kids to indulge in drugs since they seem too young for that practice. The practice is shared among students in the middle or high school in Austin and the US at large. All … Continue Reading

The Ins and Outs of Family DNA Testing

It is often said that nothing is as important as family. I sure know that I love my husband and kids, but I don’t know much about both of our families past our grandparents.   Gone are the days when people had to depend on their older family members and family records to trace their family trees and family histories. While these traditional techniques of determining your ancestry and family trees still exist, advances in science and technology have resulted in even more accurate methods for genealogists.

DNA testing is one such genealogical tool, and its popularity is growing. I feel it would be a fun family experiment and see what we come up with. Right now we still have living parents so more opportunities to collect DNA samples.  According to, the big three DNA tests are AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, and  

Depending on … Continue Reading

8 Best Parenting Books For Moms

Everyone who is a parent knows that it can sometimes get overwhelming particularly when the kids are home for holidays, or when one has a child all through in the house (such as in the case of new mothers).

While asking friends and relatives for pieces of advice is an option, it is not a very desirable option for many people. Indeed, many would prefer to get views that are from a more neutral and objective point of view.

Many moms turn to the expert advice found in parenting books. The authors of these books are often parenting specialists and parents, and they often have valuable tips and advice. Far from that, these books are often a good way for moms to unwind and have a good laugh while at it. However, with so many parenting books in the market and more coming in rapidly, … Continue Reading

4 Tips On How To Live With A Bipolar Spouse

According to statistics from the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA), bipolar disorder affects up to 5.7 million adults in the United States every year.

On the other hand, the Mental Health Research Association estimates that at least 2 million American adults suffer from bipolar disorder every year. These figures are indicative of the fact that bipolar disorder is quite common in the United States.

There are few statistics available on relationships in which there is a bipolar spouse. However, assuming that at least half of those diagnosed with bipolar disorder are in relationships, it would mean that there are at least 1 million people in bipolar relationships or marriages.

Well, my husband and I fall into the bipolar marriage category with me as the bipolar spouse.… Continue Reading

Best Places For Easter Brunch In Austin

With this Easter fast approaching, many are already making plans for celebration. Although there are various ways to celebrate such holidays, you can always draw some fun with family, friends or other relations.

A brunch can be a perfect way to kick out the holiday before you join other activities. Typically, it is a late breakfast that has various entrees thrown in.

Most people love their brunch on weekends when there is no pressure or hurry, which is also why it is ideal for holidays.… Continue Reading

What Types Of Employee Drug Tests Are Available And Do They Work?

Employee drug testing has become the norm in some major companies across America. It is a simple solution to protecting the workforce for a drug-free environment.

Some job hunting individuals may wonder if the methods and attitudes are over-zealous, but many companies stand by their policies.

Drug use at work is a problem, and there are different solutions to uncover it. However, not all companies are tackling the issue in the most efficient manner.… Continue Reading

Prescription Drugs Entering Public Schools in America

High school is a period of changes. The phase of becoming a young adult is at the smallest hand tricky and confusing. It is a time when a child begins his path of self-discovery towards becoming a young adult.

This path has many options, possibilities, and as any other child who is curious, high schoolers are overly eager to experiment with one of these options.

Unfortunately, this sometimes means taking the wrong turn and choosing drugs.

Statistics show that after marijuana and alcohol, prescription drugs are becoming one of the most abused substances among teens.… Continue Reading