5 Things Moms Need


As a mom, it can be tough to balance work, cooking, house cleaning, my relationship with my husband, keeping in touch with friends and raising the kids. Now try to do that while not losing your temper, keeping a soft tone of voice at all times and not feeling like ripping your head out. Yeah, it’s tough if not impossible. I have been every type of mom: The poor, single mom who worked two jobs just to support her autistic child. Then years later I remarried and became the stay-at-home married mom who was learning how to cook and clean. And finally, with my third child, I became the work-at-home mom who was trying to balance everything along with adding in multiple therapies for a preschooler who has a sensory processing disorder, auditory processing disorder as well as possible autism, just like her oldest sister. The reason why I tell you my different roles is because I understand that things are not easy whether you work outside the home, work from home or stay at home.

To keep things running smoothly, there are 5 things that every mom needs:

A Break!

Many other people have said this, but I’m going to say it again… moms need a break! They are on duty 24 hours a day and if you can just imagine working 24 hours a day with no breaks, no lunches, no vacation, no sick days… and what if your job was demanding, exhausting, stressful and thankless… imagine how worn out you would be. When moms are in dire need of some time off, they tend to get snappy. Don’t brush this off as PMS or mood swings… she needs time to do something else and to get rested and refreshed. This isn’t limited to moms who stay at home… I’ve heard people say that moms who work outside the home have their breaks from 9 to 5 and that simply isn’t true. They go from one demanding job during the day to another on the nights and weekends. Don’t discriminate!

I am very lucky because my mother-in-law takes my preschooler a few days a week. It really lets me relax, watch some tv, get some work done or to just sleep. If she wasn’t there to do that, I would probably be a really cranky lady.

Moms Need To Be Appreciated

I touched above about how being a mom can be a thankless job. Moms really need to know that they are raising the future generation and that their job is important. It can be difficult to continue to do something when you feel that nobody appreciates how hard you work and just takes you for granted. Let her know that she has a tough job and that you appreciate everything she does.

Moms Need A Support System

When I was a single mom I didn’t have a support system at all. I had no family, I didn’t really have any friends and I didn’t have time to get to know my neighbors because I was working two full-time jobs. Sometimes I really needed someone to talk to or somebody who I could vent to who would understand. Someone to hug me when I would cry because my daughter would tell me she wanted a daddy. Somebody to really hear me when I spoke about the difficulties of raising an autistic child in time when there was very little awareness. Even just one person would have been great.

If you are a mom and don’t have a support system, the Internet is a great place to find someone to talk to if you don’t have anyone in the “real world.” There are a lot of parenting communities or you could connect with other moms on social networking sites.

Moms Need A Vice

People say that vices are bad, but sometimes those vices keep me sane. I admit, I am a smoker. I know it’s a bad habit but it does keep me calm in times of stress. Some people drink wine and of course there are other vices as well. As long as you are not doing anything illegal or harmful to others or putting your kids in danger, then give yourself a break.

Moms Need A Hobby

Every mom needs something to do that is NOT related to motherhood. Something that she has always enjoyed whether it is reading books, painting, sewing or going to clubs with her girlfriends. You are more than just a mom… you are a unique individual with your own interests, talents and dreams. Don’t forget about your kids, but don’t forget about you either.

Speak up moms! What is something that you need to survive motherhood?


  1. Nicole says:

    I would absolutely die without caffeine.

    • TaylorRios says:

      How could I forget caffeine!

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