Best Places For Easter Brunch In Austin

With this Easter fast approaching, many are already making plans for celebration. Although there are various ways to celebrate such holidays, you can always draw some fun with family, friends or other relations.

A brunch can be a perfect way to kick out the holiday before you join other activities. Typically, it is a late breakfast that has various entrees thrown in.

Most people love their brunch on weekends when there is no pressure or hurry, which is also why it is ideal for holidays.

There are several outlets and restaurants that that will claim to offer you the best Easter brunch. In sophisticated regions like Austin where fun and love for family and friends is part of the culture, finding such outlets should be a dauntless task.

However, not all offers you come across will depict desirable characteristics. It is, therefore, important to carefully review top selections. Fortunately, you do not have to look too far as reputable restaurants and outlets have various hallmarking attributes you can use to distinguish them from the rest.

Reputation from clients and experience alone should give you sufficient insights before making a choice. Here is a brief look at some of the top places you can have an Easter brunch in Austin:

1) Eastside (Café)

Whenever you think about a brunch, you immediately associate it with a relaxed and calm environment with a peaceful hue.

Eastside (Café) Austin

Whether you are planning to give your family a treat or seek to fortify your system before undertaking an intense program, brunches do not go well with bustling busy environments unless they can keep an insulated environment.

Eastside café offers an old bungalow and small rooms finely painted with vanilla and blue. The recipe is quite diverse accommodating all groups of people including vegan, vegetarian, kosher and halal.

At this 1928 outlet, you can get your favorite seafood, meat, vegetarian specialties and sauced pasta, mushrooms, cream-sauce and meat loafs as well as grills among others.

Only go for the branch to 2113 Manor Road, Airport Boulevard the next time you are in Austin Texas, to have your unforgettable Easter brunch.

2) Elizabeth Street (Café)

This is a popular option for residents of Austin and provides a perfect mix of three different rich brunch cultures and outlets. It is like going to a food purveyor in Vietnam, a French bakery, and a New Orleans café at the same time. It also includes a dog-friendly pink door and patio.

No fried rice is known to taste better than Elizabeth Street particularly as it comes in fish sauce and grilled rib eye. You will also find spicy caramel, bonito flakes, and all your fried and Vietnamese yellow curry, chicken meatballs and baguettes.

A large array of pastries and pork is also available to ensure your brunch is complete. Elizabeth Street, as the name suggests, is located at 1501 S. First Street, Elizabeth Street. The café is also quite spacious and will not feel overly crowded.

3) Enoteca Vespaio (Restaurant)

Molded after the charming Italian cafés popularly renowned as Vespaio, Enoteca thrives in bringing a more laid back ambiance for a perfect Easter bringing a more laid back ambiance for a perfect Easter brunch.

With their perfectionist approach, it provides the ideal place for the overly sophisticated and a nice eatery for special occasions like Easter brunches. The menu is exceptionally impressive and includes all the recipes to make every moment special.

From traditional Italian pizza (wood-fired) topped with your local Austin ingredients, to crispy risotto and tart tomato sauce, Enoteca provide several Italia recipes for entrees as well as local favorites.

You also get to enjoy some homemade gnocchi. Enoteca is more attractive to those planning on a laid back Easter of getting ready for a night full of fun.

Having your brunch at this restaurant can help you spend some quality time with the family before you join your friends later in the day.

You can bet to be full and early enough for your next set of activities. They are also serenely located at 1610 along S. Congress Avenue in Milton Street.

4) Fonda San Miguel (Restaurant)

If you are looking for a culturally rich environment to enjoy a fine brunch with your family and partner this Easter, then you will find this hacienda awesome.

Fonda San Miguel (Restaurant)

The lush Latin American foliage art tower the walls to give an authentic interior cuisine of Mexico. It has also been a landmark in Austin since 1925 and attracts both foodie tourists and locals. Here, you will find a rich menu that includes Yucatan specialties, baked cheese, chocolates free of sweeteners, balanced chili sauce and flavored mole poblano as well as your pork and seafood.

Fonda San Miguel is a perfect restaurant to visit on holiday like Easter, and they provide delicious entrees that are complimented by their exceptional customer services.

The spacious environment also means you can pick up a spot for your cover to be set up. Fonda is located at 2330 W. North Loop Boulevard and will suite those out on a romantic Easter brunch.on a romantic Easter brunch.

5) Moonshine Patio (Bar & Grill)

Although the name may sound in the line of drinks and relaxed night hangouts, they still provide top quality premium food services. In fact, Moonshine Patio offers the most popular Sunday brunches in Austin.

Once a carriage house, this patio was exquisitely turned into a bar and features an extra snug patio for your cool days and relaxed nights.

The environment is all cozy, and as an outlet is already accustomed to providing branches, they excel more during special occasions like Easter. You will find your favorite dishes and also get the opportunity to taste something new.

Some of the menu items available at this bar & grill include bacon and kale dips, goat cheese, jalapeno steaks, chicken plates, waffles, stuffed cornbread trout, cheese and green chile macaroni among others.

You can be sure to get fed whenever to make a stop at Moonshine Patio located 303 Red River Street on E. Third Street.

Several other eateries will give you the ultimate Easter brunch experience you can recommend to anyone. Destinations like Olivia, Perla’s (seafood/oyster bar), Swift’s Attic and Trace are all popular for top quality service and a wide variety of mixed culture entrees.

When looking for the best place to have your Easter Brunch in Austin, you will probably get a premium offer from every other restaurant and café. However, these are the most reliable destinations with a reputation for satisfactory services, impressive environment and a wide choice of meals.