Happy Birthday, Little Monster

Time has gone by so quickly.


My Little Monster, Alex Whitman, is 5 years old today.

She sure makes things exciting. She is active, loves to jump and do her “stunts” that scare others. She is curious about how things work and enjoys science, art, math and building activities. She has an excellent memory – I pulled out my iPad and gave it to her so she could play a game and she remembered exactly how, without hesitation – even though she hasn’t seen the iPad in over 4 months.

I remember her birth – the one she almost didn’t survive.

Alarms were going off before I delivered, then things stabilized, then once she was born she was blue and was not breathing. My husband says that she had a nuchal cord (cord was wrapped around her neck).

I remember looking at the doctor’s face, as the nurses were off to the side trying to get her to breathe. I saw the concerned look on his face… and then she let out a tiny “meow.”

It’s funny how little her voice was… all throughout her infancy, you could barely hear her when she cried. I always wondered if that had to do with her birth, or with the benzos I was taking, before I knew I was pregnant.

No worries now, her voice is loud and clear!

She has been in speech and occupational therapy and is making great leaps. They are adding food therapy, too, because she rarely eats and when she does it is only milk, cheese and fruit. But her test results all come back normal. It makes me wonder how on earth she doesn’t have any nutritional deficiencies.

Alex is pretty big for her age, even though when she was born we had to buy preemie clothes for her (although she was full-term… just a small baby.)

I was so concerned when I was pregnant with Lil Zombie that she would become jealous, but she didn’t. Right away she cuddled with the baby, helped feed her and burp her. She even refused to take a nap unless Lil Zombie was laying right there beside her. Of course I stayed close until Alex fell asleep, then put the baby back in her crib.

I look forward to see what Alex’s fifth year of life will bring. Happy Birthday, Little Monster.