National Margarita Day Is Coming – February 22, 2016!

This winter has been miserable. Christmas and New Year were wonderful but since then it has been a month of cold weather, violent storms and no sign of the warmth of spring. I had been feeling pretty fed up with it all until I remembered that a great day is coming up on February 22nd. There were only two occasions when a Margarita was seen as an acceptable drink for this mom of two – when the four of us are sunning ourselves on our summer vacations down in Cancun and on Cinco De Mayo. That was until my friends and I heard about National Margarita Day.

Celebrate in a festive style by experimenting  with fun Mexican recipes, use a Margarita machine,  and don’t forget the decor.

Mexican appetizer

Chips salsa and white queso dip.

National Margarita Day sounds a little bit like one of those made up days we use as an excuse to do something (and for all I know it was), but who cares why this celebration came about if it gives us an excuse for a Margarita party in the middle of winter! Last year we kept it simple, my neighbor brought over her Margarita machine to do all the hard work (sadly there were no cute bartenders for hire) and we brought our share of tequila, triple sec and lime to raise a glass to our new favorite drink.

Margarita drink on the rocks

This year we want to outdo ourselves and, ever the competitive bunch, we are holding a little competition to see who can come up with the best alternative recipe. I believe everyone is scouring Pinterest as I speak. As much as we might tell ourselves its going to be like a classy wine tasting session, I’m sure we are deluding ourselves.

Now I know what some of you are thinking: what about those of us that want to join in but also want to stay sober enough to pick the kids up from school and avoid a hangover? You don’t need to go straight for the hard liqueur to celebrate National Margarita Day and the more variation you have on the theme, the more interesting your party will be.

Virgin Margaritas can come in as many different styles as the alcoholic kind and can be just as tasty. One approach is to take some ice, an ounce of orange, lemon and lime juice and two ounces of syrup, mix it all together and serve with a lime wedge and a fancy umbrella. Another idea I am going to try this year is Margarita Day cupcakes – lime cake mix with a lime and tequila flavored buttercream. They should provide just enough of a hit to keep all the designated drivers happy.

The great thing about planning an event for this dubious, yet wonderful national holiday is that you can go as crazy or as simple as you like.

Margarita party food

Indrek Torilo / photo on flickr

At the end of the day, this holiday is all about celebrating great flavors and great memories of vacations past. Obviously it is preferable to use store bought ice at home for your Margarita machine, but the next time you are faced with an icy pavement or a cold hail shower, think of February 22nd.

In a matter of weeks, everything will feel a little warmer (if only for a day) thanks to a little Mexican flair and a round of delicious National Margarita Day drinks.