Retail Therapy – Shop ‘Till You Drop In Austin, TX!

Below you’ll get a list of unique and enjoyable shopping places in Austin, TX that appeal both to locals looking to purchase something special and visitors seeking to pick up some souvenirs.  If you can’t get your retail therapy at one of these places I don’t know what will.  I am starting with the larger shopping areas all of the way down to unique individual “hidden” stores.

Visit South Congress Avenue

The hub of the “Keep Austin Weird” movement, South Congress Avenue stays a leading visitor attraction, albeit increasingly more upscale as the years go by. It’s a beautiful place to do some exceptional shopping, catch an excellent restaurant, even watch live music.

South Congress was a haven for retro clothes before it turned SoCo. Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds and Electric Ladyland (that is the store’s full name) is where Bob Dylan is rumored to have bought retro clothing. New Bohemia is just another retro place for clothing and home furnishings, and you will find boutiques such as Blackmail, for all things black, and vivid, for many things… well, vibrant.

The avenue is lined with amazing, unique to Austin restaurants and stores with an Austin-friendly feel. All you want to fill your Austin shopping needs is situated along The Street of SoCo. Need that funky new thing for the home, stop by Unusual Objects. Need a brand new fabulous pair of shoes? Drop into Goodie Two Shoes. What about this crazy costume you’ve wanted to strut? You will snag it in Lucy’s In Disguise.

First Thursday on South Congress

First Thursday is not only a day on the monthly calendar in SoCo but marks a local tradition when South Congress stores stay open late, playing host to a range of events and activities. A unique to Austin occasion for eating, shopping, and listening to local Austin music. SoCo is home to many fantastic food places too. Including Zen, Guero’s, Joe’s Coffee Shop, and, of course, you can not go without Amy’s Ice Cream. See everyone on First Thursday down in SoCo!

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Domain in North Austin

Quite the opposite of South Congress, but quite impressive with complete shopping emersion, the Domain in North Austin has the most exclusive brands in town. Additionally, it comes with a powerful resume of restaurants, nightlife, and boutiques.

The Domain is a Five-star shopping center with a terrific location and exceptional amenities like luxury restaurants and parking. The Domain emphasizes 700,000 square feet of luxury style and restaurant area. It caters to affluent Austin people with the highest-end retailers.

The Domain is home to a number of the most renowned and upscale shops. The pleasant shopping environment is catered by the lovely and tranquil landscaping along the roads of The Domain. When you enter The Domain Name, you may step into a very small community all its own.

Shops at The Domain

  • Borders Books & Music: Borders create knowledge and entertainment through publications, music, and films.
  • Brookstone: Brookstone offers customers to try products out for true, hands-on shopping.
  • Burberry: Burberry is a luxury brand with international recognition and broad appeal.
  • Calypso: Calypso is a Bohemian-chic fashion and shaped high-end style.
  • Lacoste: Lacoste features high-quality footwear at a low price.
  • Louis Vuitton: Louis Vuitton is loaded with contrasts and looking opposites.
  • Neiman Marcus: Neiman Marcus is a luxury retailer with unique merchandise.
  • Oakville Grocery: Oakville provides specialty wines, foods, and baked products.
  • Puma: Puma is one of the world’s largest suppliers of athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories.
  • Tiffany & Co.: Tiffany & Co. has an assortment of celebrated diamonds and gems of supreme glamour.


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2nd Street District

Home to a few locations on this listing, the 2nd Street District keeps growing in fame for shopping, with brand new condos going up and unique high-end retail filling the floor. Also, a wonderful place to grab a snack and drink.

At Austin’s 2nd Street District, there are over 50 specialty shops, restaurants, and support providers, most of which are locally owned. The prize is an urban department store located in the 2nd road district. They feature everything from men & women’s accessories and clothing to home decor. They even have a wonderful team of interior designers that will assist you in getting precisely what you would like. You will appreciate the convenient location in the middle of town and all there is to do.

Sit outside and enjoy beverages or frozen yogurt as you take in the terrific weather Texas offers. Indulge in specialization cupcakes after a day at the spa or ingenious BBQ until you hit the stores. You’ll realize that in Austin’s 2nd Street District, you will find just about everything your heart wants. It’s where Texas warmth meets Austin Cool in downtown Austin.

10 Thousand Villages

Dedicated to handmade products from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa, 10 Thousand Villages intends to sell products with a story behind them. They are also focused on assisting people in making money from their abilities. You can find all kinds of jewelry, clothing, furniture, unique pieces there.

Ten Thousand Villages is more than a shop. They are a worldwide maker‑to‑market movement. We are a way for you to shop with the intention for ethically sourced jewelry, — and to share in the fun of connecting with manufacturers around the world and sharing our humanity!

As a pioneer of fairtrade, we do business differently, placing people and the world first. That means that you can trust that every handmade purchase you make from us directly affects the life and community of its manufacturer in a developing nation.

Discover jewelry, home decor, organic clothing, hand-knotted rugs, and specialty meals + drinks from over 45 nations. Be a part of the story!


Highlighting Shops With Unique Items

1. Austin Rocks

Also committed to The music scene in Austin, the Austin Rocks boutique features mostly clothing aimed at the music business. It has fans with styles you will see on Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister to targeting a more modern hipster.

2. Kendra Scott Flagship Store

Among the most renowned jewelry designers in the United States, Kendra Scott made her start in Austin, TX. Please stop in to see her Flagship Store on South Congress Avenue to look at a number of her awesome jewelry. The building itself is from the 1800s but revamped to give it a contemporary look while at the same time conserving some of the first design.

3. Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds

Among the most entertaining shops to navigate in Austin, Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds is a costume shop on South Congress that’s as quirky on the inner as it’s outside. A smash hit in October. This is the destination for theaters and just plain fun to check out.

4. Unusual Items

Off Hwy 71 in South Austin, Uncommon Objects is house to an eclectic mix of art, antiques, furniture, taxidermy, and decorations that live up to its title and are fun just surfing.

Dozens of inspired & talented antique dealers are involved in the creative development of Uncommon Objects.

5. Wild About Music

Located in Downtown Austin in the corner of 6th and Congress is Austin’s response to music nostalgia and terrific presents appealing to people interested in Austin’s claim to fame of the Live Music Capital of the World.


Some Hidden Spots For Shopping In Austin

1. Busy-Being

As the edge of Fifth and Comal roads is usually related to hipster honky-tonk, The White Horse, this local company is also worth mentioning. Busy-Being is an imported and handmade harbor, Kitty-corner into the saloon, which shares its space with like-minded boutique Solid Gold.

Furnish your home with handmade bowls, one-of-a-kind Mexican blankets, and hand-dyed fabrics increased, sheared, and dyed by the artists. And treat yourself to a distinctive artisanal bauble or two. Shop owner Amber Abramson always obtains jewelry from artists directly making this truly a unique shopping experience in Austin.

1601 E. Fifth St., Ste. 102, (323) 428-7576, busy-being. com

2. The Boutique on Stonelake

Unexpectedly situated inside Lexus of Austin, this special boutique is the brainchild of dealership Vicki Roberts Howard. Founded in 2011, the store provides various products from Austin and overseas, including ties in jewelry, stationery, whimsical prints, and kitchen products.

9910 Stonelake Blvd., (512) 343-3436,

3. Charm School Vintage

Effervescent owner Shari Gerstenberger started this vintage shop in a former art gallery, which she now shares with a wig store and salon, in 2010, and shares it with what she calls “clothes with a story?” Her highly handpicked collection covers the gamut from Jean coats and concert T-shirts into filmy clothes in candy-colored colors. It is a store trove of fun apparel that is nothing short of, well, charming.

2109 E. Cesar Chavez St., (512) 344-9173,

4. GW by Goodwill

At one point or another, the odds are that everybody operates on a shoestring budget. But thanks to the tucked-away Westlake place, you do not need to look like it. This is not your run-of-the-mill thrift shop; things are handpicked and range from designer sneakers to bestselling hardcover books. The real start is the denim choice, which comprises seven for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, and more for $10 and up. Therefore you won’t feel guilty about purchasing a few pairs.

2814 Bee Cave Road, Ste. C, (512) 329-8771,

5. Gusto Studios

Established in November 2012, Gusto Studios is the brainchild of two local artists searching for a way to showcase their works and give back to the community. Greg Davis, a National Geographic Creative photographer, and William K. Stidham, a famous watercolorist with a penchant for rock and roster, host almost quarterly gallery occasions in their South Austin location, including local musicians and benefiting a local nonprofit, such as H.O.P.E. studios. It is best to call ahead for availability and viewing because when this duo is not in-house, they are on the street sharing their passion with the world.

2309 Thornton Road, Ste. M, (512) 228-0995,

6. JM DryGoods

The eclectic items available in JM Drygoods could best be characterized as things you never knew you needed but, upon seeing them, abruptly require. Michelle Teague initially started this store in Marfa, and her Austin shop, attached to Spartan, offers a distinctive choice of artisanal goods, especially those found on trips to Oaxaca, Mexico. Think beaded skulls, embroidered tunics, funky jewelry, and fat stacks of aromatic incense currently available, thankfully, north of the border.

215 S. Lamar Blvd., Ste. C, (512) 579-0303,

We hope you can find some interesting places to shop around and find fun or unique items for yourself, friends, or relatives.

7. New BROhemia

Think of this Outfitter, “Slackerville City Limit” sign, as the laid-back brother of its sister shop, New Bohemia. Once inside, you will bask in a rainbow of leisurewear, pearl snaps as well as vintage postcards. If denim’s your selection, the shop aims to please with vests, dungarees, and more. Are you shopping for the pint-size fellow in your life? Have a look at the well-stocked kids’ section, complete with Garanimals and classic tiny Ts.

2209 S. First St., (512) 804-0988(512) 804-0988

8. South Austin Gallery

When husband and wife Joseph and Jennifer Worth were seeking to expand their photography company, they found their niche in a South Austin shopping center. Founded in 2010, this bright-blue shop provides cheap custom framing with a side of Austin kitsch.

The store sources its frames from local estate sales, thrift shops, and much more, so don’t expect your average black frame job. You take what they have got in this deal, but the great news is, they have great taste. Also include this on your holiday shopping in Austin toolbox, as the walls are lined with Austin-themed trivets, coasters, and cutting boards, including The Worths’ photos.

507A W. Mary St., -LRB-512-RRB- 680-4018,

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