Review Of The Best Family Restaurants In Austin

The only criteria I ever followed while choosing to dine out in a restaurant is the food quality – everything was secondary. However, of late I’m in a fix as some of the restaurants with real good food did not have enough space for my little ones to run around.

This might sound a little crazy to many of you but the truth is that when you have a family, their comfort takes precedence, even when it is such a small affair as eating in a restaurant.

All my readers who have a family will understand what I am trying to tell; a restaurant needs to have a good infrastructure if it wants to qualify as a family restaurant. They should have the facilities that would offer families a great time besides just the great food.

We are lucky in a way because Austin is one such place which can boast of some real great family restaurants. From my personal experience, I have created a list of some the tops family restaurants in Austin.

So stop worrying about where to go with your family this weekend; instead try any one from my list below. Yeah, I have good reason for recommending these Austin restaurants and those too have been provided.

Here is my personal review of the family restaurants in Austin that promises some awesome family time:

Ski Shores Cafe

Family Restaurants Austin

Food lovers in Austin can swear by the food and ambience of this place and I am no different. I like hanging out with my little ones once or twice in a month. This is simply a gem and your kids can really enjoy in this super-cure family restaurants. With facilities such as kids spy turtles, sandy zone, plays cape and fishes swimming in the water, it will be very difficult for you to take your kids back. There is even an indoor game arena where in they can play video games and air hockey. Every Friday, the Ski Shores Cafe organizes a Family Movie Night where your children can watch their favorite movies.

Munch on the delicious wraps, fries, onion rings and burgers while catching up with your old friends. This place is a big hit with families and people come from far off places just to relax and enjoy some family time.

Hat Creek Burger Company

Family Restaurants Austin

How many times I wished to grab a burger and not be worried about my kids? My wish was finally fulfilled the day I stepped into Round Rock burger joint of Hat Creek Burger Company. This is a great burger joint, which has a play yard for kids. They restaurant has branches at three other locations; Burnett Rd, Georgetown and West lake.

But haven’t I come here to have a burger?

Well, with super-tasty menu items on the list that includes burgers, sweet potato fries, chicken, milkshakes and even breakfast pancakes and tacos, I simply couldn’t help overindulging myself. There is something for everyone and it’s truly a family restaurants. Your kids can play in the enclosed areas while you can just enjoy good company and chilled beer with your friends.

The Midway Food Park

Family Restaurants Austin

This is another cool food joint that I like to frequent because they offer the experience of eating from a food truck in a park like area. Equipped with picnic tables and food trucks, The Midway Food Park has everything that you actually wish of while searching for a nice place to spend your evenings. All the food trucks rustle up some great cheesecakes, tacos, lobster rolls and various other finger-licking delicacies. So let your kids loose and see them run around the large play areas while you sit back and relax.

Phil’s Ice House

Family Restaurants Austin

If you are wondering of a dreamy spot in Austin that offers both great food and fun-time for your little ones then visit Phil’s Ice House at least once. They not only serve great burgers but promise a great time for your family. Even your kids would love their fries, chicken tenders, corn dogs and Burgers. However, the biggest draw is their playground areas. You can dig into your favorite food while your kids simply go crazy running and having extreme fun in the playground.

Central Market North

Family Restaurants Austin

If you have an affinity for Asian food and try something other than burgers then this is probably the best place in Austin. Their menu items include several diverse delicacies which range from pork vindaloo to salmon salad. Your family will just love the lip-smacking food and live music. Do not worry about your kids because they can have a great time at the duck pond and playscape. Enjoy the best dinner ever with your family by your side.

Twisted Root Burger

Family Restaurants Austin

This is the craziest Austin family restaurant I have ever been too! Just imagine playing golf with your buddy while taking a big bite on a burger. I was blown away the moment I saw the 9-hole mini-golf course. Your little ones will find the place super interesting because they too can get an entry into the golf-course and try their hand. Do not forget to get your kids a glass of milkshake – that’s their entry ticket to the mini-golf course.

Waterloo Ice House 

Family Restaurants Austin

I found this place rather interesting because their menu looked quite simple but there is a lot more for your kid. You can check out their sandpit and playscape while ordering anything from their long list of sandwiches, burgers and salads. Food options are limited however when it comes to enjoying a quite time with your family, Waterloo Ice House will not disappoint you.


Family Restaurants Austin

If you and your kids possess an adventurous palate then you can get a lot more than the regular kid’s burger. Though Contigo does not have a playground but they certainly have a sand play area, which your kids will simply fall in love with. Here too the dining area has picnic-style tables and the menus is no less interesting; you can order rabbit, grilled cheese, lavender ice cream, dumplings and mussels.