The Truth Behind Drug Addiction

It is quite surprising to learn that a lot of people consider drug addiction to be a social problem. Drug addiction is not a social issue, but rather, it is a personal problem, an individual problem. It can cause grave long-term consequences.

Problems with relationships, employment, and law, mental and physical state are situations that are all going to come at once. Simply willing to change one’s behavior is not going to solve this problem. There is a lot more to it, than what we think it is.

Addiction, be it drugs, or for that matter, anything else like food, or a particular behavior, is quite a disease. We call it a disease because it impacts the brain. For that reason, just by will power, you might not be able to stop it right away. With a bit of discipline and help from the right set of people, you will be able to prevent this disease.


Drug AddictionYou can be certain that one is addicted if

  • The need to use the drug frequently increases
  • Find ways to spend money on the drug even if it’s not affordable
  • Doing things out of the way to get drugs. For instance, stealing
  • Not being responsible and not meeting obligations

Drug Addiction Within The Family

Drug AddictionSeeing a stranger having drug problems might not affect you as a person. However, if this happens in your family, that is when it’s going to hit you real hard. Possible signs are:

  • Behavioral changes

If the person behaves indifferently than normal for a longer period, keep a tab. It could be anything from being extremely secretive to aggressive for the smallest of matters

  • Lack of interest in appearance

Not interested in one’s appearance is another symptom. Would be least bothered about personal hygiene.

  • Health Issues

Lack of motivation and energy.  Gets tired easily. Falls ill frequently and follows irregular diet habits

  • Problems at work or school

The sudden lack of interest in one’s own responsibilities. Grades drop at school or performance at work is poor.

 Addiction Problems That Married Couples Face

Drug AddictionBeing a drug addict’s spouse can be lonely and agonizing. Instead of an open, transparent and happy married life, if your spouse is an addict, it turns into a life of covering up, justifications, pretending, that is all disguised in a heap of lies. Things would only turn worse and ugly if you have children.

There are numerous cases where married women who are mothers go through a terrible time trying to juggle between marriages, kids, responsibilities with a husband who could be an addict.

You might notice a lot of changes at first. From frequent withdrawals from the Bank to a sneaky lifestyle. The lack of interest in your family life, his constant health issues, dependency becoming obvious when it should otherwise be; are just the beginning. It could get worse to violent outbursts, inflicting a sense of fear in you and your children could be the later stages.

Time To Intervene

Drug AddictionWhatever said and done, the best person to heal your spouse of addiction is you. There is no one else who would understand the person behind the mask of addiction better. There is a lot of medication, and treatment addiction centers can provide you. Probably in the short run, all these help would give you relief from the situation.

But to get desired results, in the long run, you have to work through this constantly on a day to day basis till you are going to be convinced to let go. Rather than denial, look at it as your duty by faithfully, lovingly and unconditionally being there for the person in your life. Building your family back to a good state takes a lot of courage, determination and will power.

If you are going to think that you will be fine once he changes, then you’re not dealing with the problem. You might have to put up with a lot more lies and denial, but only you can work with the person to get rid of the addiction. You might have to grip with fear, anxiety, pain – remember, they are all temporary. Persevere through the whole process and it will pay off in the end.