Good Mental Health Is Part of Living Healthy

Physical health has always been looked at as the most important part to maintain in a human being. This is far from the truth. As much as one’s physical health is important, emotional health or the mental health of a person is equally important. The two should go hand in hand.

When one is busy taking care of their physical health, they should also ensure that they try their very best in keeping their mental health fit.

Just as there are a number of tips one can do in order to keep their physical health in check, there are a couple of mental health tips that one can follow in order to keep their mental health in check too.

13 Physical And Mental Health Tips

1. Getting enough sleep

The number of hours one needs to sleep changes throughout an individual’s lifetime. Children require more sleeping hours compared to adults. The following can be a guide to the number of sleeping hours different people may require at different ages;

  • Birth to 2 months – 12-18 hours of sleep
  • 3 months to 11 months – 14-15 hours of sleep
  • 1 year to 3 years – 12-18 hours of sleep
  • 3 years to 5 years – 11-13 hours of sleep
  • 5 years to 10 years – 10-11 hours of sleep
  • 10 years to 17 years – eight and a half-nine and a half hours of sleep
  • 18 years and above – 7-9 hours of sleep

The elderly will require the same amount of sleep as an adult but may not sleep as deeply and may wake up at night or they may wake up early in the morning. Elderly people just like small children may need to take naps so that they accumulate the total number of hours they need.

2. Taking walks

Taking walks several times per week helps an individual reflect on what they see and hear.

nature walk for good mental health

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3. Trying something new

Doing something new from time to time can be of great help with sleeping. One can try taking a different route to work or from work. Eating at a new location or restaurant; something one has never eaten is another option or going to a new museum exhibit or display.

4. Doing Mind Exercises

Reading often can help in exercising the brain and also doing puzzles. These tend to jog the mind a little bit and take it from its comfort zone.

5. Discuss Different Subjects

Learning and talking to people about different subjects is also another way to keep a person’s mind healthy. Expand your knowledge.

6. Make Leisure Time

One can find time to do things that are of interest to them. This helps in relaxing the brain from the usual hustle it is put through. Take time off from your daily schedule or routines.  Change it up.

7. Saying “No”

An individual should learn to say “no” to things that they do not want to do, or things that they do not want to be involved with. This may be a difficult word to say out loud if you are a people pleaser, but this is just the thing to try if you are.  Saying “no” may feel victorious and invigorating.  Self-control kicks in.

8. Have Fun

From time to time one should have fun. Fun would mean going on a trip with someone a person loves or going fishing or one could also go shopping. Whatever the case, it is always important that one does not let vacation time slip away.  Pick a hobby, and set time apart from the daily routine, and have some downtime to work on your hobby.

9. Enjoy Achievements

One should be happy and pleased with what they achieve. Whether the achievement is small or big, one should be content with it.

10. Build a Network of Friends

A good network of friends is important because friends form part of a person’s life. Good friends form a strong social support system which is very important. If you have moved to a new location, joining some community clubs would be a start to meeting new people. Take a course or class in a subject that interests you.

friends support each other

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11. Seek professional help

In case one feels depressed or may from time to time have suicidal thoughts, it is recommended that one seeks professional help. This is in order to take care of a problem before it becomes disastrous.  Visit your family doctor to get a referral to a mental health specialist or therapist.

12. Continuous Intake of Medication

In a case where one has prescription medicine that is supposed to help deal with certain mental issues, it is always good that they do not discontinue the medicine. At times, one may feel they are okay and think of stopping the medication.  Going cold turkey on medication prescribed to you is usually not a good idea. Talk to your doctor about this and come up with a plan to ween off.

13. Intense focus

One should try focusing on a process intensely and complete a segment in one hour or several hours. After this, they should take a break and do something relaxing like taking a walk, exercising, or taking a short nap.

Exercising the brain leads to a good and healthy brain. It is therefore recommended to follow several of these tips in order for one to be mentally or emotionally healthy.

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