Where Have I Been?


I know it has been a while since I last posted.

Things got very bad with my bipolar, especially since the “rent a doctors” at MHMR screwed my meds up. I have made an appointment with a private psychiatrist that has excellent reviews.

The first appointment is $375 and the follow-ups are $160.  Thankfully, a family member is going to help with the first payment and then we will pay her back. Yes, that will be an extra expense each month, but I need to be stable and I will come up with the money.

Having bipolar and remaining stable are extremely important. I am self-employed and if I am not well, then it makes it nearly impossible to work or at the very least, to work properly. I am also a mother and being stable means being a good mom.

It is important in so many areas of my life. As the symptoms worsened, the future started to look hopeless. The hallucinations started to get the best of me (yes, some people with bipolar hallucinate.)

My husband and I also decided that we need to get back to low-carb eating, not just for our weight or health or even energy, but mostly because my bipolar symptoms seem to lessen when I eat that way. I don’t know the science behind it, I just know what works for me. I am pretty excited about it, mostly because I remember the incredible energy I had.

Last month I barely wrote at all… on here or on any of the sites I write for. This month has gone off to a slow start, but I hope to turn that around and get back to the person I was quick.


  1. Nicole Ramage says:

    I’m glad that you’re finally starting to come around again. There isn’t anything more important than having your proper meds and being able to do the things you have to to get through the day. While you might not always do it with a smile on your face, it’s not always acceptable to look like you’re ready to kill someone either.

    • TaylorRios says:

      Thanks :) Lol – that is what Grandma said – that I kept looking like I was going to murder someone anytime anyone talked to me!